How can someone go from being an exhausted musician and teacher and depleted soul to a passionate and inspirational leader in the field of music, making videos and internet marketing? Well, that’s exactly what Michelle did and now she coaches other musicians and creatives on how to share their talents with the world.

Born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada where she was immersed in Celtic music from a young age, Michelle Stewart’s passion has always been drumming. She runs the Pipe Band Drumming programs at two private schools in Scotland and teaches Bodhran at the prestigous Glenalmond College.

Michelle has been teaching the Bodhran summer course at the Gaelic College in Cape Breton for almost twenty years, has taught through the Royal Scottish Academy of Music And Drama and numerous music camps throughout the UK and North America.

While getting the chance to teach drumming for a living was a dream come true for Michelle, it got to the point that (because she was teaching so much) her voice was being strained to the max. and told she might need surgery. These serious voice issues forced her to look at alternatives to teaching one on one and during her journey she discovered how to teach thousands of people at the same time, even while she sleeps.

Michelle’s YouTube videos teaching the Celtic hand drum, the bodhran, are watched in 193 countries and have over a million views. Her online course, BodhranExpert Platinum Membership, is one of the first musical instrument online video tutorial courses of its kind that makes the student feel like she’s actually in the room with them, taking them by the hand through their learning journey.

Most widely recognised for her drumming videos, Michelle is also the force behind teaching people how to reach their global audience, speak from their core (authentic self) and how to clone themselves through video.  This isn’t just information she’s read or learned about. She’s actually DONE what she teaches.

Writing is quickly becoming one of Michelle newest passions. She was one of the co-authors of the International Best-Seller ‘Hot Mama In High Heels’ and currently working on a new book.

Michelle lives in the picturesque town of Crieff in Perthshire, Scotland with her husband of sixteen years, Scottish musician and composer, Mark Stewart, along with their ten year old son, Cameron. She always dreamed of living in the land of castles and now she can actually see one from her window.

Travelling is one of Michelle’s favourite things so she loves the fact that one of the perks of her work is getting to travel. She has spoken on stage in Los Angeles and San Diego and although she’s more of a ‘jeans and t-shirt’ kind of girl admits she could get used to the red-carpet lifestyle.

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James E Norris April 16, 2014 at 6:58 pm

I have been useing your online tutorial for the boudhran and celtie music. Its GREAT!!!!! What I would know I would know is how can I use the insturment in other music like jazz, folk or other types of music as I have been ask to play in some jams and. is it always a back ground instrument. No one here in south Louisiana plays one much. Thank you
Jim Norris


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